I've long waited to gather together the work you will see here. It's a collection of many of the motion graphics that I've had a chance to make while workign at Perfect World Entertainment. It's really been a blast. From 3D to 2D work it's all be a challenge as most of our project have crazy short 1-2 week deadlines from script to finished product or template for a line of videos. If you are interested in seeing the videos that I've edited over the years you can find them on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/djlukasz789
Thanks for watching! 
Torchlight 1 Logo Animation
Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus Logo and Bumper
Forsaken World 'I'm gonna be a Stone Man Protector...' Trailer
Blacklight Retribution Netwar Release Trailer
Star Trek Online 'On Screen' Podcast Graphics
Ether Saga Online Title Cards
Forsaken World Logo Animation
Unreleased 2D Animation. =)
Zing Promotional Video
Perfect World Entertainment Show Reel Title Cards
Elemental Kingdoms Logo Animation
Neverwinter Founds Pack Boiler Plate
Blacklight Retribution Comic Motion Graphics
Blacklight: Deadlock Intel Report Motion Graphics
Blacklight Retribution Logo Animation
PWI Genesis Logo Animation
CORE Network Logo Animation
Rusty Hearts Logo Animation
Torchlight 2 Logo Animation
Free to Play Exchange Logo Animation
War of the Immortals Logo Animation
Lukasz Pason Reel Title Card

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